About RC Green City
RC GREENCITY Ventures Away from the frustrating pollution and congestion, away from the frustrating deficiency of basic civic amenities and away from an environment that breeds debility of the mind and body, around Hyderabad has a new destination of metamorphosis the once inconspicuous rural landscape into one of the most sought destinations for business open plot ventures has come to symbolize a mind-boggling dimension in the dynamics of development.
Which is emerging as one of the best-planned and fastest growing ventures around Hyderabad to Warangal highway RC GREENCITY sprouting on its firmament and a profusion of investments. Apart from the excellent infrastructure that has made in the Warangal highway a preferred destination for a wide variety of segments ranging from Information Technology and manufacturing to housing, realty and hospitality sectors. Connectivity is the key to development. Its extensive and comprehensive network and connectivity, has won widespread acclaim for its innovative concept. According to projections the premium on residential properties is incessantly recording and upward trend and becoming dearer and dearer day by day. In this fabulous, ideal and idyllic self-contained Gated community in the making, there is one name that has carved a niche in the realty sector. RC GREENCITY which embossed its footprint in the realty sector through credibility, commitment and transparency, has a track record of high quality ventures, unique and innovative in design& style

"RC GREENCITY is a destination that you can proudly call your own of place" It is place where you discover "Life fascinated". A place of joy, brilliant colors like a morning rainbow on earth, priceless joys filling every little corner of your life. Sunshine that never seems to set laughter that leaves behind a warm glow even after enhoes no longer. Exuding the air of serene little against the backdrop of nature in all its pristine splendor, it would win your heart at ones. Sharing the Neighborhood with sum of the prestigious upcoming land marks, it would make for you a smart choice at Green city you don't Develop the place, it Develops you.

We offer you with great pleasure, an investment plan in Real estates which would, in due course of time, give you a very attractive appreciation in value. * Open plots venture in Aleru Sharbbanapur, Yadagirigutta, very close to Hyderabad to Warangal Highway(NH-495) this is just 45 minutes drive from Uppal Secunderabad. ** Approved by Grampanchayat *** Plot sizes 100, 150, 200, 300 & 500 Sq.Yds mor then. You need to pay just 25000/- for plot booking and remaining balance payments should pay within 45 days from the allotment date,100% Pollution free area with greenery.
Please, Kindly pass on this valuable information to your friends and relatives who are interested to invest in Grampanchayat approved secured & genuine open plots at Aleru, Sharbbanapur, Sharajipet, Yadagirigutta, Mantrayalam, Kothakota, Kodumuru.
Our Vision:-
Vision of a better world Our vision statement can be encapsulated in the corporate philosophy and motto of” small investment and big achievement” to envision, design and construct the most magnificent landmarks and edifices: to contribute the projects to the customers tangibly in Exuding the air of serene little against the backdrop of nature in all its pristine splendor, it would win your heart at ones. Sharing the Neighborhood with sum of the prestigious upcoming land marks, it would make for you a smart choice at RC Green city you don't Develop the place, it Develops you and to protect and preserve the environment we live in. At end of the day our vision is about making the world a better place to live in : to transform and uplift quality of living and lifestyles of each and every individual that comes in contact with us.
Our mission :

Committed to build a better achievement

• To cater to the real needs of a growing population.
• To set standards and improve our environment
• Offer a wide portfolio of international quality products that cater different markets and segments.
• To deliver value for money and excellent investment returns.
• Take customers relationship and customer’s satisfaction to new levels.
• To focus strategic growth.
• Evolve contemporary benchmarks in open plotting, constructions and marketing practices.
Our journey:
Pioneering excellence

There are few parallels in the annals of the Indian real estate and construction industry that emulate the success trail blazed by RC GREENCITY. Over the past two year has emerged as one of the most progressive and multi-faceted real estate and construction entitles in Hyderabad. Through the years, we stayed true to our commitment to build a better achievement by transforming barren tracts into landscaped open plotting and residential side.
RC GREENCITY is a company whose business philosophy lies in the commitment to creating architectural marvels and also we are passionate about providing cost-effective and holistic solutions for our customers. Our unwavering focus on these factors catapulted RC GREENCITY into one of the top echelons in Hyderabad.

RC GREENCITY is committed to making a difference.
RC greencity strives to become developing the ventures of choice in all areas we serve. Our vision to adopt fair business practices exceeding our customer
expectations; a motto ‘small investment& big achievements’ has been served best by following the high levels of transparency and integrity in real estate
business, which we have set for ourselves. Today our challenge is to continue doing this, Need Our endeavour is to follow high standards of business rapport with all the customers to maintain the commitment and rather intend to go beyond the success of four wall. Objective We have evolved th Code on the basic premise that every action of the company and its employee is the focus of public attention and we need to reinforce our tradition of values. Our belief is that this code will help us in ensuring compliance with legal requirements, improving standards of organization’s performance and dealing with all customers of the Company in a fair and transparent manner. We are committed to continuously review and update our Policies and Procedures to initiate policies and actions which are customer centric and which promote a good ventures